"We are taking, basically, the bull by its horns and saying ‘We’ve got the power to make things happen for ourselves as well'."

The runaway success celebrating Black excellence

It’s not every day that someone can turn a closed Facebook group into a massive business platform, but this is exactly what Mzuzukile Soni did.

Driven by the racist incidents that hit headlines in 2016, Soni turned his anger and frustration into a force for good.His desire to create meaningful change is what led to the creation of a Facebook group called Brownsense.

The aim was to help connect Black-owned businesses with customers. However, he didn’t foresee just how popular it would be.

Spurred by the support, he later founded his company Brownsense, which hosts the Brownsense Market. These monthly markets create a space where Black businesses can sell products to customers at a fun,family-friendly event.

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