"People don't want to sit in the car anymore - they want to be able to be productive, have the access, have a key location..."

Business saves CT professionals from long commutes

In the face of increasing support for remote work and concern over the effects of long commutes, The Bureaux founder Greg Beadle has shaken up the way small businesses rent office space.

The company has multiple co-working spaces across Cape Town, where a desk space can be rented from R1 500 per month. Rather than simply offering spaces for freelancers or independent professionals to work, The Bureaux's various offices give small businesses flexible rental agreements. This gives startups the ability to change their lease according to operating requirements while saving them money.

These spaces are aimed at helping businesses base their workers closer to home. In a city like Cape Town, where traffic sees commuters take an hour to travel distances of 10km, co-working spaces are a huge boon for productivity and quality of life.

While cities are trying to tackle their traffic woes, Beadle thinks that co-working spaces are set to become even more popular over time.

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