"They start realising that through the power of community there is so much that they can achieve together"

Business harnesses power of collaboration

As an entrepreneur himself, Selebogo Molefe was no stranger to the pressures facing other local startups. So he decided that entrepreneurs could work together to achieve mutual success and founded The Hookup Dinner as result.

The networking platform holds events where business owners and professionals can connect, share ideas and trade with each other – something Selebogo describes as “speed dating for businesses”.

He was familiar with the concept of these networking events, but decided to implement it when he saw how fellow entrepreneurs in Braamfontein were struggling.

The Hookup Dinner not only holds networking events, but also bootcamps and hackathons. They also offer contract financing through stokvels and crowdfunding.

This is all part of Selebogo’s central inspiration of what communities can achieve when working together.

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