"We always look at function first. It is very important that our products are not only pretty but they really are functional and that real athletes can use them"

Designer, athlete have new take on SA women’s activewear

As an athlete herself, Mari Rabie noticed that there was a gap in the market for athletic clothing for women that is attractive, affordable and functional.

So she teamed up with fashion designer Annelize Kotze to create a brand that would meet all these needs for women athletes. It was through this partnership that the premium athleisure brand MovePretty was born.

Like their clothing, the company goes deeper than simply having a pleasing outward appearance. They also emphasise their mission to provide jobs for local women in garment manufacturing.

Annelize says that through her designs and Mari’s specialist insight, they have created a brand that can really cater to the needs of casual gym-goers and professional athletes alike.

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