"I've had a very, I suppose, unorthodox journey into the startup realm. If you would ask any of my school teachers in my formative years as to whether or not I would have been a successful entrepreneur, I don't think they would've given you 'likely' as an answer."

Failure didn't stop uCook's unlikely founder

Despite never being characterised as a budding entrepreneur during his youth, this didn't stop David Torr from creating a successful food business ripe for the modern era.

David, the co-founder of uCook, tapped into the desire of many busy South Africans who don't want to miss out on healthy eating.

The meal kit delivery service is now thriving, with plans to expand its product range in the near future.

But it was an unexpected turn for the entrepreneur, whose attempted venture as a restaurateur failed when he was 17 years old.

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