"We thought there may be a better way. People are used to having a conversation, so why can't doing your taxes be the same and as easy as having a conversation?"

Founder's tax troubles spark idea for online business

Evan Robinson once tried to file his tax returns by himself, but soon found out that the process was more complicated than he expected.

He soon roped in his friend, accountant Marc Sevitz, to help him. Realising how much simpler taxes are when they're explained in a knowledgeable yet conversational way, the two founded TaxTim together.

What sets TaxTim apart from other tax practitioners is that the entire process is digital. Taxpayers can seek adviceand purchase services through the company's website at affordable prices.

Six years later, a third of South African taxpayers are using the site's advice and services. Thanks to TaxTim, the waytaxpayers seek help has changed forever.

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