"“Within six weeks, we had sold a few hundred pairs of socks and my R5000 had become R30 000”"

From socks to success: and no one saw it coming

Nic Haralambous made an investment of R5000 increase sixfold in a matter of weeks – and all it took was colourful socks and an entrepreneurial spirit.

While this sounds like something out of a work of fiction, the story is very real. The Capetonian is the founder ofNicHarry.com –- an international fashion business.

The company started in a spare room in Nic’s house five years ago – with R5000 to start his dream. Despite having such a small base to work off of, the entrepreneur decided that his new sock business would need to become profitable in six weeks. If it didn’t, he would abandon the venture.

In those six weeks, Nic started his business from scratch. His idea – colourful, unique, bamboo-fibre socks – was scoffed at. “Who would want to buy colourful socks?” those who doubted him asked.

It turns out demand for the product was an untapped goldmine. Nic took his product, promoted his site and listed on Superbalist.

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