"The first lesson is that easy isn't necessarily good…Very quickly we realised what business was and it wasn't meant to be easy– we slugged it out and now we're a seven-year 'overnight' success."

How one site's success inspired a huge online business

Seeing the breakthrough success of a new business is what inspired the founders of SA's biggest online fashion retailer to start their own.

But while the new entrepreneurs behind Superbalist hoped for an overnight success, it took seven years of work to get where they are today.

Luke Jedeikin, a co-founder of Superbalist, said that GroupOn's huge success in 2010 is what inspired him and hisco-founders to launch their own site.

GroupOn was considered a "unicorn" in the industry due to its meteoric rise. Superbalist'sfounders had hoped to capture the same demand, but it required more long-termwork than expected.

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