"I can relate to it, because I have been affected by the lack of products and services around me"

No longer business-as-usual thanks to township app

Mduduzi Mataboge and BizKasi App’s story is one of determination turning frustration into innovation.

Mduduzi was inspired to create the township business advertising app by three things: his passion for apps, frustrating experiences while trying to find services, and his own search for a job.

Businesses only have to pay R120 a year to be listed on the app. You can find shops and services of every type on BizKasi: tuck shops, interior decorators, electricians, cleaning services and more.

Starting up BizKasi was no easy task. Unemployed at the time, Mduduzi loaned money from friends and family to get started, coded most of the app by himself, and marketed it to local businesses.

He hopes that one day his app will be a household. With this kind of determination, that seems likely.

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