"For a long time chefs have made the food about them, and not the customer. Paolo and I have made the food about the customer"

Restaurant sets ego aside to focus on customers instead

Alessandro Khojane embodies a true mix of cultures – he was born in Bloemfontein, raised in Italy and speaks English, Italian and Sotho. With his unique blend of cultural influences, it's no wonderthat he decided to take a novel approach to starting up his restaurant, Gemelli Cucina Bar.

Alessandro worked in the restaurant industry for some time, honing his skills as a cook. However, he realised that he often didn't agree with the choices of his employers. Instead of trying to tell them what to do, Alessandrodecided to create his own restaurant that used his customer-centric approach.

When creating his menu, he decided to take into account the preferences of his large family and in-laws - thus making real food for real people.

Now with his business partner and executive chef Paulo Santo, Alessandro runs a successful restaurant that continues to attract hype and praise from Johannesburg residents.

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