"Snapplify really started off as a tech company and it very quickly became clear that there's such a huge need in the education market. . .it just seemed like a good place for us to move in"

Company overhauls business plan to help SA schools

While Snapplify.com might just seem like an ordinary eBook platform, it is actually transforming South Africa's classrooms into modern learning spaces.

The company realised that access to textbooks and libraries is a major challenge for many local schools - and decided to use their eBook platform and store to make an impact. As a result, they made the shift from a strictly tech company to an educational tech provider instead.

Edtech Teacher at Snapplify, Stephen Bestbier, says the platform is aims to make learning resources easily available at a variety of schools - including underprivileged ones.

Rather than simply providing a product, Bestbier says Snapplify works with teachers and schools to change the way schoolchildren access learning materials.

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