"What scares me is insignificance – leaving this earth and no oneremembering who I am or what I did. So I'm really driven by wanting to make apositive impact on people."

Turning frustration into a golden business idea

Some of the best business ideas come from identifying a gap in the market.

This is how Dr Aisha Pandor and her husband Alen Ribic came up with the idea for SweepSouth. In December 2013, when looking for a part-time domestic cleaner, the couple just couldn't find someone qualified at such short notice.

This frustration has now been solved for people in similar situations thanks to their business.

SweepSouth connects with you trained, vetted and experienced domestic workers using their simple app or website. You simply make a booking and the company finds a qualified and suitable person to do the job.

What started as a personal frustration is now an internationally expanding business with 25 000 bookings a month.

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