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Ubuntu is the drive behind this unique African luxury brand

The art of Africa tea goes far beyond a simple cup of Rooibos – and it’s thanks to luxury brand Yswara that these African products are getting the attention they deserve.

Swaady Martin founded the luxury brand Yswara to turn Africa’s agricultural resources into gourmet goods with global appeal In fact, the company offers the world’s largest selection of fine African teas and herbal teas.

What makes Yswara different from other international brands is that it’s not just about the product, but also the experience. African heritage is rich with tea culture, such as tea rituals and special tea paraphernalia.

“Our products are a symbol of the ingenuity and tradition cradled in the hearts of the African people,” Swaady says on the company’s site.

Furthermore, the tea is ethically sourced from African farmers – with the aim to help create wealth on the continent. Swaady calls this concept “Luxe Ubuntu” – an inclusive luxury business model that benefits all of those in the supply chain.

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